NTDRS – 7.Sending NDTRS Returns


NTDRS – 7.Sending NDTRS Returns – Sending Returns for the National Drug Treatment Rehabilitation System.


Demand Reduction-Key to Drug Abuse Control
Demand reduction also has two components- treating the drug addicts and educating and enabling the society to prevent addiction and to rehabilitate addicts after they have been treated. Thus, drug abuse is a psycho-socio medical problem, which needs … Read more on isikkim

Lil Scrappy – Lil Scrappy To Check Into Rehab For Marijuana Addiction
Rapper Lil Scrappy is preparing to check himself into a rehabilitation centre after revealing his addiction to marijuana is "out-of-control". The hip-hop star, real name Darryl Kevin Richardson Ii, is facing probation violation allegations after he … Read more on Contactmusic.com

KASHMIR: Drug Abuse in Females
To evolve culture-specific models for prevention of substance abuse and treatment, rehabilitation of addicts. 3. To provide for the whole range of community based services for the identification, motivation, counseling, de-addiction, after care and … Read more on GreaterKashmir.com