Novel Scan May Distinguish Unipolar and Bipolar Depression

Novel Scan May Distinguish Unipolar and Bipolar Depression
"These results also suggest that we may one day be able to predict future bipolar behavior in younger adults who haven't shown any symptoms, allowing for earlier and more accurate treatment," he added. The study was published online August 22 in the … Read more on Medscape

Clergy more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety
The rates reflected in this survey represent the percentage of individuals who reported symptoms of depression and anxiety over the previous two weeks only. It is probable that a far higher percentage of clergy experience depression or anxiety at some … Read more on Medical Xpress

Advice on Addiction in Boomers, Part 2
First, it is important to validate a patient's depression and anxiety and assess whether they are caused by the substances. It can be difficult to determine which came first, the depression and anxiety or the addiction. Sometimes you don't know in the … Read more on New York Times

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