Notes to S.E.L.F. – Bigger Picture!

Notes to S.E.L.F. – Bigger picture!
Notes to S.E.L.F. – “Description of how you need to step back from your situation to see the big picture of life and not focus on the dot of your canvas of l…



The Many Faces of Depression
Through talk therapy, medication management, support from loved ones and mentors, and self-care, most people with depression lead healthy lives. If you or someone you know needs support, help is available, and with time, depression can turn into … Read more on Prospectus

After dire diagnosis, man with spinal cord injury tells his story through blog
The self-confessed closed book decided to open up. “I thought I may as well share what God's done in my life over the past few years,” said Atkins. In September, his blog went live with the help of voice activated computer software. Flat On My Back … Read more on WCPO