Not Such a Good Day


Not such a good day


Medical marijuana debate heats up
Storck, 58, has glaucoma, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and has also had heart surgery. … I would have been eating sooner. I could have been out of there sooner.” Nationally, support for both medical marijuana and recreational … Read more on Kenosha News

Rock Center
Deak, like most 6-year-old boys, loves playing with his iPad, surprise tackling his older sister, and eating just about anything that is offered to him (especially pizza and root beer). He really enjoys riding the bus to school with his friends and … Read more on (blog)

Skin Disorder Breakthrough Therapy Shows Promising Results
He justified the cost by saying it is cheaper than the alternative, numerous bandaging, pain killers and potential hospital visits that are needed to deal with the skin wounds that proved to be resistant to healing. Robert Ryan has continuously showed … Read more on Guardian Express