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North Carolina Alcohol Rehabilitation – The key ingredient is Sobrexa, a dietary supplement taken orally three times a day for eight weeks. Clients often report a decline in symptoms and cravings related to alcohol consumption over this time period when taken consistently. Call 1-800-570-8609


Top 10 stories of 2012 in Middle Georgia

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Whitehead was shot to death on March 23, 2006, while he and a team of drug-squad cops were serving a late-night “no knock” warrant in a raid at a suspected drug house on Atherton Street. At issue to some extent was whether the … A sheriff's …
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Nick Stahl Busted For Playing With Himself At An Adult Movie Shop

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… of diddling with your manhood in an adult movie shop is not a misunderstanding, it`s a crime. Stahl doesn`t belong behind a camera; he belongs behind bars or in a rehab center. This oxygen thief has a long history of drug and alcohol addiction …
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Queen Elizabeth Makes Kate Middleton The Next Queen of England – Camilla

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Every time Kate is referred to as the future queen another gray hair sprouts from Camilla's scalp and she takes a shot of her alcohol of choice. Fun drinking game! But what … Will Camilla end up with a permanent room in rehab? Will Kate be able to …
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