Nonprofit Group Fights Homelessness in Ohio County

Nonprofit group fights homelessness in Ohio county
The couple has been married for 35 years and decided to move back to Newark after a year in Columbus because Melvin was suffering from depression. Photo: Jessica Phelps, AP. In this photo taken on Nov. …. In six years, they added 25 additional units … Read more on Ct Post

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… has become a problem for them and those around them. The following self-assessment tests can help you determine whether or not it may be time to get help. … This year depression has taken over my life. I started cocaine to fill the emptiness and … Read more on About – News & Issues

Photography helps beat depression
Photography helps beat depression. By Chris Cheesman Wednesday, 4 December 2013; Be the first to comment. A self-taught photographer who witnessed his father's suicide has spoken of how photography has helped him overcome years of depression. Read more on Amateur Photographer

Depression and anxiety self help tips (introduction)
So this is my first video and I look awful but oh well. I’m going to be doing videos on how to beat depression and anxiety and a lot more things like that. M…