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Nishan Green_1.flv – Nishan Foundation is registered with Government of Pakistan and is a leading state-of-the-art in addiction/alcoholism rehabilitation services. Our belief is,…


Samuel L Jackson talks Pulp Fiction and battle for men's cancer awareness
I guess when I went to auditions I smelled of alcohol and my eyes were a little red or whatever and I didn't get specific jobs. But I continued to do what I wanted to do.” It was after a stint in a rehabilitation clinic to kick the habits that Samuel … Read more on

Health Notes for June 17
Families Anonymous, a 12-step fellowship for families and friends who have felt desperate about the destructive behavior of someone near to them, whether caused by drugs, alcohol or related behavioral problems. Any concerned person is encouraged to … Read more on Richmond Times Dispatch

Galliano in the Wilderness
Evidence had been given on Galliano's behalf that he was suffering from barbiturate poisoning—the result of a combination of painkillers, Valium, sleeping pills, and alcohol. A toxicologist testified that the medications and liquor (particularly red … Read more on Vanity Fair