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Filmed in Stillwater
To make the work authentic, Capra met with drug and alcohol counselors and rehab facilities to ensure she kept her script true to what some children experience and capture all the facets of what a family goes through when a loved one deals with alcohol … Read more on Stillwater Gazette

A Mother's Death Tested Reporter's Thinking About End-of-Life Care
And since I have a relatively good grasp on America's complex health care system, I was the one to help my parents sign up for their Medicare drug plans, research new diagnoses and question doctors about their recommended treatments. In this situation … Read more on OPB News

Bradley listed as 7th in meth lab seizures
He emphasized the importance of the community doing whatever it can to stop drug abuse because law enforcement “makes things messy,” and said drug rehabilitation programs and the like need to continue to do good work. "We're not your front line," … Read more on Cleveland Daily Banner

State's jails have 1100 long-term inmates; Yolo County has 16
SACRAMENTO — California counties are housing more than 1,100 inmates on long-term sentences in jails designed for stays of a year or less, according to the first report detailing the growth in that population under Gov. … Jeffrey Callison, a … Read more on Daily Democrat