NIGHT EATING SYNDROME Review – – begins its review of Night Eating Syndrome by noting that it is sometimes labeled Morning Anorexia. This is because the afflicted individual refuses to eat anything during the course of the day. As a result, their appetite has worked itself up to the point that they eat and eat during the evening hours, paying little attention to the quantity of food that they are consuming.


At One Direction Pop-Up Store, Swoons, Squeals and Steals

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The first two girls in line — Michelle Collado, 17, and Kelly Anna Perez, 13 — arrived from Queens at 8 p.m. the night before. … Danielle Canessa, 17, a student from Middletown, N.J., credited the band with helping her to recover from an eating …
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Dow soars in 'Midsummer Night'

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"When I was starting out, I went through eating disorders to become a skinny leading man, but once I began putting on weight, new roles came my way because directors were willing to look outside the box. That led to two of my favorite roles, the emcee …
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Glee Recap: Glease Is The Word

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I point this out because I want to be clear: Kitty didn't teach Marley about bulimia last night because Glee had never discussed eating disorders before and ignoring them would be a mistake, which is the only semi-valid reason I can think of. I'm not …
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