Nicole Ritchie Eating Disorder?

Question by Jess: Nicole Ritchie Eating Disorder?
Is there any possible way this woman doesn’t have an eating disorder and is this thin? I especially want to hear from doctors, nurses, nurtritionist or anyone who themselves have been this thin.

She keeps denying she has a disorder and I tend to not second guess people, but her story just seems too ridiculous to believe. What possible “treatment” to gain weight could she be undergoing if not an eating disorder treatment?

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Answer by Candace
no doubt in my mind

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Eating Disorder Treatment: Top 8 Reasons Why You Relapse – Eating disorder treatment, in this age of empowerment and taking responsibility, is NOT OK with giving those of us with eating disorders any excuses for failing to win the recovery race. Actually I am not a supporter of any ‘poor me’ mindsets either… but that is NOT what this video is about. THIS video is actually about giving you awareness about The 8 ways that your eating disorder treatment will be derailed unless you have a freedom plan in place to deal with these issues. And the surprising part, is that these saboteurs actually are of our own making. So get ready for some ‘ah hah’ moments, an opportunity to see where you have been fighting a losing battle, and a fresh way of seeing these obstacles, not as something to fight against, but as something to just ‘melt away’. I will show you how. Be honest with yourself when you ‘see yourself’ in these relapse tendencies… because acknowledging the ways you are being that do not serve you, as you go through your eating disorder treatment journey, is the only way to release yourself from their perpetual existence in your life. In love and freedom, Shan ox


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