New Meds Behind Fox's Return to Primetime

New meds behind Fox's return to primetime
Parkinson's affects over 1 million adults in the U.S., with symptoms such as shaking, difficulty walking and speaking, rigidity, slowness and balance problems, and may cause depression and sleep disorders. A degenerative disorder of the brain, it … Read more on New York Post

Slow but sure way to beat burn-out
Dr Darren Green, a trusted figure in the field of media medicine, is a University of Stellenbosch graduate who adds innovative spark to health and wellness issues. He is a regular guest on SABC3 and the Expresso show. Dr Green works as an emergency … Read more on Independent Online

WELCOME TO PATDOESIT! QUICK COMEDY for those who like quick comedy. This VIDEO is about the side effects of anti-depression medication. QUESTION OF WEEK! – D…