New Links Between Depression and Inflammatory Conditions Explored at 2013

New Links between Depression and Inflammatory Conditions Explored at 2013
In a poster presentation titled, Clinical Effect of L-methylfolate in Patients Stratified by Baseline Obesity and Inflammation : a Randomized Clinical Trial of Patients with Major Depression, on October 1st at 2:00pm, Dr. Charles Raison, Associate … Read more on 4-traders (press release)

Celebrex, Simple Ibuprofen May Ease Mild Depression in Arthritis Patients
“The relationship between depressive symptoms and chronic pain is complex, and important,” said Dr. David A. Walsh, director of the Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre in Nottingham. He noted that survey responses which are used to diagnose depression … Read more on

Addiction to Natural Opioids May Drive Chronic Pain, Study Says
Stress and depression may play a role, Taylor said. “Stress means people are more likely to have chronic pain, the same with depression,” said Taylor. That's because both stress and depression disrupt the action of a key receptor that helped to inhibit … Read more on Bloomberg

How to massage Chest. Relieves chronic depression. 13/2
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