New Help for Depression – Dr. David Jernigan


New Help for Depression – Dr. David Jernigan – Conventional medicine would have us believe that the only way to address depression is through pharmaceutical antidepressants and psychiatric therapy. In this presentation, Dr. Jernigan of the Hansa Center for Optimum Health shares alternative methods to address depression at its root cause instead of masking symptoms. Follow: Twitter – @davidjernigan / @hansacenter FB –


Helping the depressed

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What's more shocking is that even youngsters these days are depressed while some would get involved in many substance abuse. It sends shivers down my spine to realise that our society is unable to help those who are depressed as we have been too …
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How Obamacare Will Help Low-Income Mothers Battle Depression

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Fortunately, Obamacare's Medicaid expansion will help offer those low-income mothers the crucial preventative and mental health services they need to treat their clinical depression. Especially considering the economic disparity between those who are …
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