New ED TV Show – Please Help!


New ED TV Show – Please Help! – I am in contact with a production company that is starting a new TV documentary series dedicated to eating disorders. They want to bring education, awareness and the raw truth about various eating disorders by documenting (Intervention style) individual stories. Right now they are looking for more unusual/other eating disorders… think pica, orthorexia, bigorexia, selective eating disorder, neophobia, diabulimia, night time eating disorder, etc. (there are others, if you are dealing with one not listed – speak up!) I am in FULL SUPPORT of this project and would like to help them find participants so they can get the show rolling! The more education and awareness the more change in our on lives and others. Please consider helping or referring those you feel are eligible to help. Do not contact me with questions, I can’t help you. However, I am posting the casting directors information below. Please contact her, she’s a sweetheart and cares! Megan Dowd Casting Director Email: [email protected] Office: (424) 236-7500 x.7631


Secretive strange food mixtures could worsen binge-eating disorders

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Boggiano believes the reason food concocting has never been studied scientifically is because no one has thought to asses s the behavior or consider it may make eating disorders worse associated to negative behaviors. In their discussion researchers …
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Lady Gaga to perform at inaugural ball for presidential staffers

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Lady Gaga: Eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia, which one is it? Lindsay Lohan crosses the continent: From New York to Los Angeles · Maybe this time: Lindsay Lohan to spend 245 days in jail · Singer Jenni Rivera missing plane found, no survivors · How a …


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