New Breakthrough in Severe Depression Medication

New Breakthrough in Severe Depression Medication
A Parody of One of the World’s Best Psychiatric Medicine. Tequila !! Its Actually Very Funny !



Ask Dr. K: Avoid supplements in thyroid treatment
I figured she had developed depression, but what she had developed was hypothyroidism. Her symptoms disappeared within a week of starting treatment. In contrast, as a medical student I was called to see a man who had been admitted to the hospital for a … Read more on Monterey County Herald

Progesterone, Anxiety Affect Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
She added that the findings contribute to a better understanding of the role female sex hormones have on PMDD symptoms ? and may help to eventually explain the increased prevalence of mood disorders, such as depression, in women. PMDD, a severe form … Read more on Medscape

Mental health gap must be addressed
… against the high rates of stressors and negative social determinants (including sickness, poverty, disability, racism, unemployment and so on) that we suffer and that can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and, sometimes, severe mental … Read more on The Australian (blog)