Need True Eating Disorders Stories for Better Understanding?

Question by bridget: need true eating disorders stories for better understanding?
i’m working on a research project for my church and i was wondering if anyone would care share eating disorders stories so i could better understand what is going on and if you would be interested in telling your story to others please and thank you:)

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Answer by Deedee
i made a video of my story.. not for fun btw.. i was advised to as it would help
its on youtube
heres the link
hope it helped 🙂

Answer by GloriaJean
Aaahhh I have sat here contemplating, do I or don’t I. So.. here goes….

I started sneaking food when i was six years old.. closet eating so to speak, as I quite literally hid in the closet to eat what I snuck at times. This progressed of course to just wanting to eat all the time, and it got easier to do so with a working mother and no father.

I lived on top ramen and candy.. lots of candy. I would have it stashed everywhere.

As I got older, the need to eat became different, and more persistent. When I went to live with an aunt at age 10, she let me know that being fat in her home was not an option, so she monitored me all the time, and in turn limited my food intake. Sure, by age 12, I was real skinny… but my desire to eat was there, and kicking strong.

Going back to my mothers home, I put on a little weight.. but I had turned my obsession with food into something else, I turned to art… but by age 19 the obsession with food came at me full hilt, and I began binge eating.

I could in one sitting, down an entire dozen bakery doughnuts, eat a whole pie or an entire box of crackers. After, of course I would feel guilty… but always in the end decided oh well… fat already.. might as well…

Day after day, secret binges… people would say “I never see you eat.. I don’t get why you’re so heavy!” Inside I was dieing… my spirit withering with every bite of food.

I didn’t do the binge then purge.. I just binged. Eating and trying to fill that hallow gap in my soul. I didn’t seem able to stop it… the need and urge was so great, I lacked all self control =/

And then it happened. I wanted to be beautiful… not just beautiful outside.. no. I want to FEEL beautiful.

I began paying attention when I got the “driving” urge to binge. I would allow myself to binge, but would pay attention, bite after bite… what was so appealing about it?

Then one day I noticed… it was the feeling of swallowing… when I would binge I reveled in the feeling of swallowing the food, the way it felt. When I focused on that…. I wasn’t hurting anymore.

Oh, just because I noticed that, and WANTED it to change.. I wasn’t ready to examine WHY I felt all the ways I did yet. But I knew… it all started with the want of changing.

It started with little things… If I thought of myself in a negative term… I would stop.. and then think of something positive about myself.

When I looked in the mirror, I would tell myself I WAS beautiful (inside).

Anyhow… a lifelong battle with binge eating and closet eating, is over. I exposed myself, first TO myself, then to my family. I was 34 when I won my battle. I am grateful every day.

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