Need in-Patient Detox and Rehab, but I’m So Afraid?

Question by lil sammy: Need in-patient detox and rehab, but I’m so afraid?
I’ve had a drinking problem for several years. I am at the point of physical addiction where I become very anxious and sick feeling if I go too long without a drink.
I tried a private center before, but was mistreated by staff and another patient and checked out early.
During this time I developed a deep mistrust of doctors who I feel just chuck a bunch of pills at me without talking with me and giving me the help I truly want.
Can anyone tell me if they have been to a treatment facility that was nice and you were treated with respect? A place that had a caring staff that explains your treatments and helps you get the most benefit? It doesn’t matter where–I’d travel anywhere to fix this. Hell, I’d walk if I had to.
I’m starting to feel hopeless and am desperate for any advice.
Thank you very much.
Thanks everyone so far for kind answers! To clarify, the mistrust of docs has developed in the 2 years since my first rehab attempt. I’ve been given scary antidepressants and lots of sleeping pills. All of which just makes me feel crappier 🙁

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Answer by Tigger
There are rehab centers who will offer what you seem to be looking for. I’m sorry to hear about what happened the last time- But it’s not the first time I’ve seen such behavior in what are supposed to be professionals. Have you tried writing a letter of complaint to these people? And if you do, keep a copy for your own files in case they ‘lose’ it.

Since you have internet access, try running a Google search for addiction treatment centers and see what you find.

Good luck, Honey. I’ll be cheering for you!

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