Need Help With Depression, Fear and Anxiety? Here’s How…without Prescriptions Too!


Need Help With Depression, Fear and Anxiety? Here’s how…without prescriptions too! – Do your struggle to have peace, or hope, purpose or direction for life? Do you wanna know why we struggle with these things? Better yet…do you wanna know w…


Probiotics Now Found to Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression
A new article discusses how the use of probiotics and probiotic supplements can help to reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. ( — 20, May, 2013) Boston, MA — With new research, scientists have found that there is a … Read more on Newswire (press release)

Tony Mortimer: Depression nearly drove me to suicide
Mortimer went to see a GP, who diagnosed depression. 'They give you a form where you fill in questions,'he says. 'He read my answers and said: “Yes, you're severely depressed but we'll get you help.” I didn't realise I was depressed. I thought: “How … Read more on Metro

Phone Calls May Help Keep Suicide at Bay in Bipolar Disorder
The idea is to help motivate them and help bring their actions back in line with their values and goals." In this small pilot trial, Dr. Weinstock and her team recruited 21 patients with bipolar depression who were psychiatry inpatients hospitalized … Read more on Medscape