Need “Eating Disorder” Help/tips Please? Weight Lose Please!?

Question by : need “Eating Disorder” help/tips please? weight lose please!?
i am 13 and 5’2 and 115 lbs about. i know i am disgustingly fat but please read anyway.

i went into a councilor/ therapist apt a few months ago, she said i needed to go to the E.R because i was a danger to myself with suicidal thoughts. my parents made me go and then a ton of health stuff happened, i got into inpatient program, then partial hospitalization,ETC. long story short, i was diagnosed with severe major depression, eating disorder NOS, and a lot more..
Now i am being really closely being monitored, so i am finding it hard to lose weight. i have a meal log to maintain my [email protected]$ $ weight and everything and am being weighed every other week. It sucks. its hard to lose weight now, but i need a way.
the worst part is my body is used to eating a ton now so when i try to stick to like 500-1000 calories a day, i cant! i am still the same weight, if not more! i look at pro ana sites and things to get motivation, it helps a little. but i do work out at least 5 times a week(weights and cardio) Still no weight loss.i probably eat 2000ish cals. a day. PLEASE i need weight loss tips and a way to do it.

PLEASE. i am so fat and have hideous curves. Damn hips and boobs. i want to be 100 pounds, mabey then i can be somewhat pretty. i cant look at myself without wanting to die because of my hideous obese body. i am the fatest thing i have ever seen.
i dont want a normal body. ( though that better then what i have now) i want to be thin, underweight, boney. i want people to comment on how thin i am. To be jealous of me. please help me lose weight and be beautiful.
(Btw i am a lesbian,and a gender queer female. i hate my girl body and want a straight body, like a guys. if that helps any)
btw some of my weight is mucle, i am very muscular, i like my abs. is there a way to keep them but lose weight still? ill give them up if i need to for weight loss

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Answer by Jessica
Hold it a moment.

I am extremely skinny, underweight actually. and I only weight 112 at 5’6.

I have not one ounce of fat on my body.

You probabably dont have it either.

With an eating disorder I understand probably nothing I tell you will convince you that you are thin, your mind just cant see it.

Though I will tell you this.

Starving yourself is NOT a healthy way to loose weight.

Also, starving yourself will NOT make your body more masculine. You’re going to have to face facts, it will not make your shoulders broader, it will not make your hips smaller, and it will not make your breasts completely dissapear.

This is what you’d look like:

Does that look like a boy? no.
The weight your at is fine. the most you can do is just wear baggier shirts.

I’ve crossdressed before actually and a baggy shirt seriously does the job.

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