Navy Veterans Helping to Restore RV Pax to Its Former Glory Are Patching

Navy veterans helping to restore RV Pax to its former glory are patching
But its like eating an elephant – take small bites at a time." … "I saw a lot of guys, young fellows, get out of the fire and rescue service because of post traumatic stress disorder." The project is designed to give vets the chance to chat while … Read more on ABC Local

SAPS worried over police suicides
“Police suicides is worrying us, is like a cancer that is eating out on our police force. It is very difficult for us as police officers to … Though there are professional counselling and support services, suicides cases within the police service are … Read more on South African Broadcasting Corporation

Childline: calls about self-harm have doubled in 3 years
… much more than boys. All this unhappiness may find expression not only in suicidal feelings, but in self-harm and eating disorders.” … The internet and mobile phones brought problems, but also help – the Childline review found. Reports of online … Read more on