Natural Remedies and Eating Disorders Pt 1

Natural Remedies and Eating Disorders pt 1
Using Natural Remedies in a 2 pronged approach to eating disorders. fastinggurl31 Women Food and G-d



Violets are a medicinal powerhouse
Expanding on that we ?nd milk thistle has also been successfully used by medical herbalists to treat varicose veins, the spleen, kidney disorders and gastrointestinal problems. Many individuals have seen dramatic improvement using milk thistle for … Read more on Deming Headlight

Talecris Plasma Resources
Your donated plasma is the vital source material used to help make therapies that treat life-threatening conditions such as shock, trauma, immune deficiencies, hemophilia and other blood disorders. You also help yourself by donating your plasma. To … Read more on Bloomington Pantagraph

How group therapy can hold the key to treating mental illness
At the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, a weekly multi-family therapy session is a mandatory part of a program that accepts up to eight adolescents with eating disorders. The kids are at the hospital all day and eat their meals there. The group … Read more on Globe and Mail