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Natural Depression Treatment – The Iboga House Experience – Our latest group came for many reasons from depression, chronic pain, pain pill addiction, anxiety, and mercury poisoning. At Iboga House, we use the natural herb of Iboga rootbark to help treat chronic pain, depersonalization, depression, and both physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Visit out site and see how we can help:


Depression Linked to Pregnancy Complications

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Depression is now estimated to affect 350 million people and fewer than 10 percent receive proper care despite known, effective prevention and treatment techniques. …. Depression can be prevented, treated and reversed through natural interventions.


Persistent, pervasive symptoms of depression during wintertime could be SAD

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ANSWER: Because your symptoms get worse as the seasons change, you could have seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a form of clinical depression. If so, several treatment options are available that may help. SAD is a type of depression that affects …
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