Narconon Rehab Patient Deaths!!??


Narconon Rehab Patient Deaths!!?? – As the investigation into a Scientology operated drug and alcohol treatment center continues more patients who attended the rehab are speaking out. Three people have died at the facility in the past nine months, the most recent last week. Over the past decade, many have died at many other Narconons, more than other rehabilitation center anywhere. The OSBI has now turned the results of its investigation into the deaths over to the FBI and District Attorny’s office. “It was a way to get you kind of weak and vulnerable and trust whatever they’re telling you,” said a former patient who asked not to be identified. The woman checked into the Narconon drug rehab facility about a year ago and was there at the same time as Gabriel Graves, who died in October after she left. The medical examiner could not determine a cause of his death, however many are screaming neglect, and saying that Scientology practices are evil and contribute to an already hurt person’s demise. “He was very excited about getting home to his family. When I heard that he died it shocked me,” said the unidentified woman, who remains that way because Scientology has a way of hurting, harming or even allegedly killing anyone who is critical of their so called church. The woman says patients at the center would first go through a painful detox, without so much as an asprin, then lots of Scientology indoctrination courses written by founder L. Ron Hubbard. One thing I had to do was yell at ash trays, you had to


Autopsy report released in Narconon death

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Stacy Dawn Murphy: The Owasso woman's death spurred an ongoing, multiagency investigation into practices at the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation facility near McAlester. An autopsy report released Wednesday says Murphy died of an overdose of …
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