Narcissistic Rage and the Failure of Empathy: ‘Citizen Kane’

Narcissistic Rage and the Failure of Empathy: ‘Citizen Kane’ Excerpts from the classic film ‘Citizen Kane’ are used to illustrate narcissistic rage and the failure of…



Sexual assault continues to be a problem on college campuses
“It's hard to stop the men who will be doing these things so we need to tell the women to be aware and don't be on your earphones and pay attention to what's around you and be aware of your surroundings,” Brahms said. Crimes on Campus; Are students … Read more on Daily Sundial

Recessionary woes lead to adverse alcohol outcomes for men and middle-aged
Furthermore, a recent review of many individual-level studies concluded that job loss is associated with a greater risk for depression and anxiety symptoms." "This study brings us a long way towards confirming how much economic shocks impact peoples' … Read more on EurekAlert (press release)

Helping older adults beat holiday blues
Tragically, suicide rates increase with age, specifically for older men. Depression is not a normal part of ageing and should never be ignored or written off.” Here are some tips for preparing older adults in your care or circle for the season. These … Read more on Trinidad Guardian