narc01 – Awareness video about Narconon and their Narconon Arrowhead location in: Canadian, Oklahoma. Many people have senselessly died in the facility throughout the years of operation under the care of Narconon – a Scientology-based facility that uses the “teachings” of L. Ron Hubbard; a Science-Fiction writer & author of ‘Dianetics’. After the release of ‘Dianetics’, L. Ron Hubbard created a “religion” called Scientology. Too many people; mostly young people. The question that remains is…WHY?!? Fact: L. Ron Hubbard stated that he was against psychiatric drugs. Upon his death, the toxicology report & coroner’s report states that there was the presence of Vistaril (hydroxyzine) in Hubbard’s system. The most common use of Vistaril is for psychiatric problems. Scientology beliefs are against psychiatry, psychologists, psychiatric care, and psychiatric medication usage. L. Ron Hubbard stated that in his past…he had been a world traveler, lied about his military credentials; as well as other grandiose lies. I urge you to view BOTH sides of Scientology – online and/or with other reading material & sources as to prevent any bias. L.Ron Hubbard, and Narconon Arrowhead. The purpose of this video is to educate, inform, and create general public awareness about the MANY people that have lost a loved one that had been in Narconon’s care in their drug-free drug treatment program. Another sort of spinoff of Narconon is called Criminon. A program that claims to “rehabilitate” prisoners


Study finds heart chelation therapy effective but raises questions

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Chelation is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of lead poisoning, but doctors are free to use it for other purposes. "I'll be pushing this data to my patients, and I'll be reaching out to local cardiologists, because …


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