Mychael Knight & Ricardo Aponte-


Mychael Knight & Ricardo Aponte- – 2nd Annual Celebrity Dance Challenge, Thursday Oct. 21st @ 7pm, 14th Street Playhouse, Atlanta GA Fashioned after hit shows like So You Think You Can Dance T…


Anishi Spencer, McDonald's Lawsuit Claims Child Ate Used Condom Found In
The manager on duty at the McDonald's where the incident occurred told The Huffington Post that she could not remember if she was working at the time and could not offer further information. McDonald's has had a small string of meal-breaking incidents … Read more on Huffington Post

Program gets moms and preteen daughters talking
She wanted to create an information source to help mothers talk to their daughters and foster communication. So she organized … A nutritionist speaks at the second workshop about healthy body image, exercise, meal planning and eating disorders. The … Read more on