My Voice Is Strong Meets Dina Zeckhausen


My Voice is Strong meets Dina Zeckhausen – Dina Zeckhausen, author, playwright, activist, therapist and founder of EDIN (Eating Disorder Information Network) sits down over coffee with My Voice is Str…


A World of Makeup, Midriffs and Mirrors
She examined the darker parts of the girl culture at a Catskills weight-loss camp and an eating disorder clinic where an anorexic stood with her back to the scale. "I went to the clinics … For information about the Skirball exhibit, call (310) 440 … Read more on The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

Ed Page On Facebook: Should American Medical Association Have Declared
It's not as simple as "eat less calories and exert more energy across the board." Dawn Cooper: … Now they will be moving this information to the part of the chart that lists diagnoses. And this will … Food addiction is recognized as a clinical and … Read more on Hartford Courant

Dr. M. Teri Daunter: Why do I do what I do?
The office also offers individual, couples and family therapy, hypnotherapy, premarital counseling and therapy for sexual dysfunction and eating disorders, among other services. Call (231) 347-7665 for more information. Copyright © 2013, Petoskey News. Read more on Petoskey News-Review