My Teacher Is Making Me Go to Counseling Because She Thinks I’m Bulimic! WTF?

Question by : My teacher is making me go to counseling because she thinks I’m bulimic! WTF?
Okay so, let me back up. I’m on the volleyball team at my school (I’m a sophomore). Last year I was on jv and now I’m on varsity. Well we have to fill out medical forms at the start of the season saying if you have had a disease or disorder or broken something or what. Well I had to put that I was in treatment for bulimia and anorexia all through 7th and 8th grade and part of ninth grade because I was. But I haven’t purged since the middle of ninth grade, I’m so proud of myself. I have been eating healthy and I am very close to full recovery. My coach last year kept it very confidential and understood it was a touchy subject for me and respected that. She knew that I had to miss a practice here and there for therapy and she understood. But my coach this year isn’t like that. When my teammates ask ME why I wasn’t at the last practice, she’ll say “she was at eating disorder therapy” really bluntly and rudely. My coach is a chemistry teacher and is best friends with my chemistry teacher and she told her about it! So now my chemistry teacher won’t let me go to the bathroom during class because she’s afraid I’ll purge. And last week she saw me go to the bathroom after lunch and she thinks I purged so she’s setting up a meeting with the counselor for me. UGHH I’m just so frustrated, and my parents don’t think my coach is doing anything wrong so they’re not saying anything about it. What do I do?

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puke on her.

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