MY STORY: JOY – Joy, a pastor’s kid, shares how knowing Christ all her life has its blessings and challenges. “You don’t have to leave the church to understand God’s grace a…


Target 11 investigates male eating disorders
While they are typically associated with women, more than one million men battle eating disorders ever day. At 6 feet 1 inch, Nico … and I wasn't really ready for it." Treatment is imperative and can include anything from hospitalization, therapy or … Read more on WPXI Pittsburgh

Salty Truth: Adults Worldwide Eating Too Much Sodium
Among people dying from heart attacks, strokes or other heart-related disorders, 40% were premature and occurred in people 69 and younger. Excessive salt intake — defined as anything above 1,000 mg per day — was linked to 84% of the deaths, and the … Read more on TIME