My Story – Ending Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue


My Story – Ending Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue – Here’s a short bio explaining the issues I suffered with for years and how I came to develop an at home exercise program that eliminated all of them quickly!…


Violent Behavior in Many Adult Sleepwalkers: Study
More than half reported a family history of sleepwalking. Compared to those who didn't sleepwalk, the sleepwalkers were more likely to have daytime sleepiness, fatigue, insomnia, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to feel their quality of life was … Read more on WebMD

Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions® Condition Specific Remedies including Anxiety
Metropolitan Markets adds the Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions® ( line of condition specific remedies including anxiety, depression and sleep to a second store in Seattle. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Could Vitamin B12 Help Your Anxiety, Depression?
Could a B12 vitamin deficiency be causing your depression, anxiety or even symptoms of psychosis? This important video shows results of a B12 deficiency and how it can negatively affect your physical and emotional health. We were shocked at the serious … Read more on (blog)