My Story: Cutting Depression Suicide


My Story: Cutting Depression Suicide – Hey(: please don’t judge me on any of this. I made this to help people and make them realize that they’re not alone. And there is hope. kik: gracie.xoxo18 ho…


Lawyers' Epidemic: Kentucky Attorney Suicides Revive Stunning Statistic
At least a dozen lawyers in Kentucky have committed suicide since 2010, half of them in the last 12 months. The trend in Kentucky highlights a disproportionate rate of depression, suicide, and substance abuse that has loomed over the legal profession … Read more on Medical Daily

Paris Jackson, Daughter of Michael, Attempts Suicide
Girls are at a higher risk of depression – Girls are diagnosed more often with depression, and have different symptoms than boys do. While boys will act out and appear more irritable, girls will become withdrawn, self-harm, or develop an eating disorder. Read more on Everyday Health

Depression a cause of death among youngsters
This is a case of 'The Rational Suicide Theory', a theory that was developed by Hamermesh and Soss in 1974. It correlates suicide and depression among the youth. Inability to cope with the changing environment and one's personal position in the society … Read more on Oneindia