My Sister’s Keeper – “You Know What Ballerinas Have?”. 10 Points, See Inside.?

Question by intoyoulikeatrainx: My Sister’s Keeper – “you know what ballerinas have?”. 10 points, see inside.?
I lent out my copy of My Sister’s Keeper to a friend, and haven’t had it back. Can someone please help me out with an exact quote? It’s where Julia is talking to Kate in the hospital, and Kate says “You know what ballerinas have?”, and Julia thinks “Eating disorders”. I need the exact quote from the book please, can’t find it online. Help much appreciated!

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Answer by gormenghast10014
From page 144,M1

Just when I think she isn’t going to answer me, she speaks “I always wanted to be a ballerina”. Her arm goes up, a weak arabesque. “You know what ballerinas have?”

Eating disorders, I think.

“Absolute control. When it comes to their bodies, they know exactly what’s going to happen, and when.” Kate shrugs, coming back to this moment, this hospital room.


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