My Secrets..

my secrets..
i made this video like a year ago and it was on my other account but obviously my account was deleted. i knew this song before that frankie fellow sang it on…



Fitness fad another form of self-deprecation
This disorder involves a compulsive act of engaging in exercise to an extreme extent. This is usually accompanied by bulimia and anorexia. Many young people fall victim to these unhealthy habits to make an impression on people who ultimately do not … Read more on Red and Black

Singing the lunchbox blues
My kids don't particularly eat a similar diet or like the same foods, either. I will console myself with the idea that yours don't either, regardless of … As you might imagine, I'm a bit dogged by that task as well. My compulsion for label reading … Read more on Squamish Chief

Man ALIVE! A Book Review
He spends endless hours on the Internet mastering cooking woods (red oak, wild cherry, hickory, mesquite and aromatic grapevines, in case you suffer from the same disorder) and all forms of seasonings and rubs. … All this threatens a long and strong … Read more on Huffington Post (blog)