My PURPOSE — Eating Disorder Video #1


My PURPOSE — Eating Disorder Video #1 – My Purpose — Eating Disorder Video #1 As a therapist and eating disorder specialist I feel that many people are affected by eating…


Fight eating disorders, child abuse
"Many people say that if you have another disorder or illness, you wouldn't hesitate to take medications or seek treatment, and in the case of eating disorders we are making great progress in sharing with people the treatments and support that are … Read more on Arizona Daily Star

Model behaviour: why British vogue is an example to the fashion industry
Four years later, Equity and British Vogue have reached a landmark agreement by signing a 10-point code of conduct governing the treatment of models on photo shoots. The agreement is the first of its … Recently, we launched a petition that seeks to … Read more on Observer (blog)

Amanda Bynes' New Twitter Bombshell: "I Have an Eating Disorder"
"I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin," she tweeted tonight, the latest in a long line of disturbing tweets, albeit one that theoretically carries a far bigger punch in the revelation department. In an indicator of what prompted … Read more on E! Online