My Psychologist Diagnosed Me With “Major Depression” After Our First Session. He’s Insisting I Take Medication?

Question by .: My psychologist diagnosed me with “Major Depression” after our first session. He’s insisting I take medication?
He claims if i dont take medication that there is a “high risk” i will commit suicide?

Is this true of major depression? And what’s the difference between major depressio nand regular depression?

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Answer by Andrew
I can’t speak on your mental state, but I have to say do a lot of research on the medication he prescribes for you. My mom was put through terrible withdrawals after she took a depression medication without knowing everything about it. It’s been a year since she’s been trying to come off of it and she’s still not all the way healed.

Answer by Viktor
Major depression and regular depression are the same thing. You should take the medication. Medication helps millions of people get out of depressions.

Also, check out “depression self help” and “natural cures” at for other ways that you can help yourself.

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