My Mother Kidnapped My Daughter, I Need a Lawyer to Look at This. Is This Plausible?

Question by Black Lace: My mother kidnapped my daughter, i need a lawyer to look at this. is this plausible?
Gabriella Aileene Davis has been living in Minneapolis Minnesota (2654 Bloomington Avenue Apartment 25) on her own rights since 08/11/2010. Where she rented a room from Irene Gonzales for the amount of two hundred dollars paid monthly for seven months without help from a parent or guardian. On 03/01/2011 She than moved into her own apartment, Information regarding this is presented in the lease attached, on which stated that she had lived there for the period of four months without the help of a parent or guardian to pay her bills, said bills included Internet (the amount of twenty five dollars paid to her buildings caretaker monthly for shared highspeed internet), rent (the amount of six hundred dollars paid to L&Z States monthly), Electric (amount varies, paid monthly), and transportation between work and her home (the amount of twenty to twenty five dollars paid monthly).
in early July Gabriella began to realize the symptoms or Early Motherhood Postpartum depression AKA. “The Mommy Blues” and felt the need to “take a break” from her home life. Her grandmother (the guardian of Gabriella, named Kathleen Rae-Ann Petersen) offered to let her stay in her home for the period of two weeks while Gabriella “got better”. After the period of two weeks was over her grandmother than decided that Gabriella was not allowed to return to her home in Minneapolis and than started asking for Gabriella to provide money to “help” with her own bills. Gabriella Refused but was still not allowed to return to her home. Her grandmother than kept her against her will at her house in Askov Minnesota for a period of two months making Gabriella well late into her rent and other bills. Juan Carlos Ruiz, the boyfriend of Gabriella Davis, than called her to tell her that he had taken care of rent to keep the landlord from sending her bills to a dept collector, and that she now owed the amount of six hundred dollars to him personally.
Kathleen Petersen at that point had been paying her own bills with money provided from the state under the name of Gabriella Davis, and realized that if she did not send Gabriella to pay her own bills that Kathleene herself would have to pay set bills. Kathleene than called the bus company to let them know that Gabriella was allowed to ride a bus from pickup point “Banning Junction” in Askov, to drop off point “mall of America” in Minneapolis. Gabriella could return to her home, under the condition that she left her daughter in Askov. Gabriella having no choice but to leave her daughter with her permission under the care of Kathleen Petersen and no other so that she may return to Minneapolis and continue to pay off the bills that had piled up, agreed, thinking that her daughter would be safe in the care of Kathleene. However when she returned to her apartment, paid her bills, and got her own job again, (the old job had been voided due to the fact that her manager thought she had abandoned her post when Gabriella did not return), called her grandmother and asked for the child. Her grandmother than said no and hung up because without the child (Alexaundria Guadalupe Valente) she would not be able to collect money from the state in Gabriella’s name.
Rights of a Minor Mother in the state of Minnesota
1. The right to custody and control over your child essentially means that as a parent you can make the important decisions about your child’s life. That is you, as a parent, can decide: where your child will live, with whom he or she will live, what he or she will do from day to day, what school he or she will attend, when he or she needs medical care, and what, if any, religion he or she will practice.

2. The right to cooperation and obedience from your child entitles you to just that: cooperation and obedience. This right translates into the right to discipline your child in a non-abusive and non-neglectful manner. NOTE: Your child does not have to obey you if you have ordered him or her to do something that is dangerous or illegal. In fact, if you have encouraged your child to commit dangerous or illegal acts you may be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, child abuse, or neglect.

3. The right to your chil
3. The right to your child’s earnings means that you as a parent can legally collect and keep the money that your child earns. However, there are limitations on this right. Your child’s earnings will not be entirely available to you in the following circumstances:

* if you have exploited, neglected, or abandoned your child;
* if your child’s income is the result of his or her special talent or athletic ability; or
* if your child’s income is the result of a gift or inheritance.
Furthermore, most parents allow their children to keep the money that they have earned.
4. The right to sue if someone wrongfully injures, kidnaps, or kills your child enables you to recover costs such as medical and funeral expenses, as well as lost earnings, lost companionship, and pain and suffering in the event of your child’s death or injury.

Your rights and authority as a parent cease when your child reaches the age of majority (that is, 18). In addition, your rights and authority as a parent can be suspended or terminated in any of the following situations:
* the court appoints a guardian of the person over your child;
* your child gets married;
* the court suspends or terminates your parental rights due to abuse or abandonment of your child;
* your child is made a ward of the juvenile delinquency court;
* your child has been emancipated by the court; or
* your child enlists in the military.
when Gabriella (the sole custody holder of her child) called Kathleene for her daughter to be returned under no circumstances was Gabriella’s right to custody over her daughter compromised in any way, being that the child was only alone at Kathleene’s house for no more than two weeks since Gabriella had returned to her home, it was perfectly legal for Gabriella to have her daughter returned to her, however, when Gabriella further attempted to claim her daughter from Kathleene, her mother (Jennifer Marsh who does not hold any right whatsoever over Gabriella as of 09/08/2002) called Gabriella in as a runaway.
After this a police officer from the county of Pine called Gabriella and stated that if she “stepped foot into Pine county that she would be arrested as a runaway minor and held in jail until her mother came to pick her up.” Gabriella made it known to the police officers in Pine county that her mother had no right to call her in as a runaway and that her grandmother was sole custody holder and she had had permission to return to her home. The Police than revised the runaway charges from her mothers name to her grandmother, even thought her grandmother and custody holder had not been the one to call this order in.
Gabriella than hired a lawyer named Irene Opsaul on her case for information on what she could do. Irene than told her that she would be able to send a friend to pick up her daughter as an exercise of her custody. When Gabriella tried this, the child was not given to the person that she had sent to pick up her daughter. Gabriella than called police and went to courthouses, each time being turned away due to the fact that she was a minor, and denied her parental rights by all means illegally. After another two weeks Kathleene than gave the child to Jennifer behind Gabriella’s back and said offence is kidnapping and consent to kidnapping. The order still stood that Gabriella would be arrested if she went to Pine county for any reason, and the police officers continued to threaten and harass her. Accept now, because her daughter was not at with whom she had left her with and currently with Jennifer, if Gabriella was arrested for being a runaway she would not be taken to her daughter,
Jennifer used this to her advantage, lying to the child support officers stating that Gabriella was living with her, and yet the runaway charge was not lifted, exploiting the fact that Gabriella was a minor to the greatest advantage. Now the charge of the exploitation of two minors is also added to the list of plausible charges against Jennifer Marsh.
I furthermore state that Jennifer marsh that began to claim Assistance and child support under Gabriella’s name committing fraud and adding that to the list of charges as well.

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meet with your counselor and attorney. instead of trying to control the situation, make your decisions with the child’s best interests at heart. get an attorney for the child -she needs an impartial representative.

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