My Husband Is Currently in a Drug Rehabilitation Program, He Sabotaged His Treatment and Is Being Released.?

Question by mscarlybobarlysmom: My husband is currently in a drug rehabilitation program, he sabotaged his treatment and is being released.?
he was to be in for 2-5 weeks and i just got a call that a family meeting is requested and then he will be released the next day. I’m beside myself. He’s a drunk and a drug addict. He’s also bi-polar. At this point it’s the end of the line, Is there any other help out there, do people really want help or is it just a lost cause? This is not a boohoo whoo is me thing, this is a plea to save a life.

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Answer by katydint
There’s no explaining the myriad of causes for prolonging rehab.
It’s painful to know there’s no medicine labeled ‘Motivation’.

Answer by nori
leave him, deserve way better,..sounds like you are a good woman trapped by an ungrateful, ungodly, disrespectful and degenerate man.

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