My Friend Just Survived a Suicide Attempt, How Am I Suppose to React?

Question by Mala: My friend just survived a suicide attempt, how am I suppose to react?
I’m pretty sure my friend suffers from manic depression and the other day they overdosed. I was crying and begging, leaving messages asking him to just survive.
Now he’s okay… and I’m not sure how to react.
I don’t feel as relieved as I thought I would. I’m almost angry, which is what I promised I wouldn’t do. How do I start talking to them again?

Best answer:

Answer by dragon3025
You don’t feel good right now, because of that fact that he was willing to do it, which means he’s willing to try it again. You need to tell your parents and ask them to talk to his parents. If you don’t he make kill himself because you didn’t speak up.


Answer by Ashes
well you can try hanging out with them to get their mind off of whatever is making them depressed.

you can also tell your friend that you’re willing to listen, if they ever need someone to talk to.

and ik some people would probably call the cops or something on them. but thats your choice. i personally wouldnt do it because sometimes its better if you dont do that. and also, if you did do that your friend would get mad at you.
maybe recommend them to go see a therapist?

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