My Friend Is Annoying Me About Her Weight?

Question by Mandi: My friend is annoying me about her weight?
She “had an eating disorder” (so she says, but its not true) a few years ago before I met her, and she’s beginning to pretend she has one again. I used to just tell her she’s beautiful and try to make her feel better, but now ALL SHE TEXTS AND TALKS TO ME ABOUT IS HER BEING “fat” !! I know I should be sympathetic but it’s hard because she’s annoying me! She’s like 5’2 and weighs 110 pounds and I weigh ALOT more than her and she thinks she’s bigger than me! Her mom has told me she didn’t really have one, and I think she’s just doing it to get compliments. How should I tell her she’s annoying me and how can I get her to stop? PLEASE HELP.

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Answer by yo mama
I think that you should just tell her that she is beautiful, and that since you guys are friends you guys should talk about more stuff than rather about her. You should also tell her that it is hurting you that she is so absorbed about her weight and stuff . Good luck

Answer by Emma De barra
First off, I understand that people harping on about the same thing can be annoying. But this girl may genuinely have an eating disorder and need help. It’s always best to trust your gut instinct, but try and be there for her. What I’d do though, is when she says she’s fat, tell her she’s not, and to stop saying it because, as you’ve said, she’s 110 pounds. That’s not fat. Also, if this might help, tell her that saying she’s fat at such a weight could make you yourself think that you are, if you’re larger than her. If that doesn’t guilt her into stopping constantly going on about weight, tell her to go to a counsellor and complain to them.

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