My Eating “disorder”?

Question by …….ya: my eating “disorder”?
i have a form of an eating disorder that 99% of the world dont understand or know its a disorder. i have a compulsive disorder. not compulsive as in i eat to much but compulsive as i keap track of everything that goes in my mouth i cant eat stuff like chips without feeling guilty i freak out if i havent lost or have gained weight and constently check out my body. when it comes to swiming if its at my house with some friends i can deal with wearing a suit. i was just on a church trip at a resort on the beach when it came to the point where all my friends were going to the ocean i got in my suit put a shirt and shorts on thought i looked hidious and fat and put a jacket on and actualy went swimming in the jacket. later that day i put another jacket on because i thought i looked bad and ended up sending myself into a major heat stroke.

i know i need to stop i just dont know how.

someone help PLZ!!! i need some advise on how to get over this. i already go to a counsler twice a month.
i am 17 years old 5 foot 3 inches 125lbs

i know thats not bad but its just to much for me :/
on the trip when i had the heat stroke the adults tried making me eat potatoe chips to help me and it made me so upset. the adults dont know about my problem and by the time i was half way through the bag of chips i was practicaly crying and not because of the fact that i could hardly move but because i didnt want to eat the chips and could feel the nasty greasy things sitting in my stomatch mocking me 🙁

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Answer by Kaite
I’m right there with u. im not to the point of wearing a jacket, but im really close. im 15.

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