My Boyfriend Just Got Out of Rehab…now What?

Question by SPSP: My boyfriend just got out of rehab…now what?
So I’ve been on and off dating this guy Mark for about three years now. The only times we had ever “taken a break” (the off part) was when we each had family problems. We’re both close with each others families and everything seemed to be going well. Then December 08 his mom called me when out of the blue but i couldn’t answer cause I was in class. Her message was something along the lines of, “I know Mark really values your relationship and could use your support in this time.” Well I immediately thought something else went wrong in his family (another death or something) so I called back as soon as I could and his mom told me she sent him to rehab!!!! I was so so so shocked because I didnt think there was any basis for sending him there. None of us had discussed it and he had no communication for a whole month(over christmas and new years! =[ ) So anyways he went to a half way house in florida and is coming back in a week. We’ve obviously talked since he’s been out but I’m still concerned. I really do not understand why he went to rehab…he didnt drink and the only thing he TOLD me about was when he smoked weed. I know he was worse when he was a teen but he definitely grew out of that. So either his mom is completely whack in sending him there or he lied to me about drinking and smoking and stuff. But I think I would be able to tell if he was out of control rehab material, which he wasn’t. Well anyways, now that he’s coming back I don’t know whats going to happen. As I said we’ve been together 3 years and now I haven’t seen him since the beginning of December. I know that I want to support him in “recovery” but I’m still young and I want to party!…but dont want to be a bad influence/temptation to relapse. Gah! I dont know what to do!!! Help?

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Answer by amber n
I think you need to pose all these questions to him, unless you are with him all the time there’s likely alot that’s going on that you don’t know about. I don’t think they would have accepted him into rehab if there was not a problem to be addressed. As for you wanting to party and not be a bad influence…why can’t you party without all the alcohol and drugs. You may find it’s more fun being sober and watching the entertainment than it is being the entertainment.! That would go a long ways to support him!!

Answer by glitterstarr_07
As far as where you two go from here is up to you two, talk about it… and there must of been a reason for him being in rehab, he probably wont be offended if you ask… and when it comes the partying or bad temptation, either go out and party when hes not with you or party without drinking, i promise its more entertaining!

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