My Binge Eating Story – How to Stop Binge Eating


My Binge Eating Story – How to Stop Binge Eating – Visit for tips on how to stop binge eating and to check out my binge eating support forum. Binge eating is when you overeat, or eat too much in short periods of times. Binge eating is characterized by eating in private, hiding your foods. Many binge eaters consume normal portions of food in public, however in private they often overeat. Binge eating is often a result of dieting. When one diets to lose weight they often restrict their junk food consumption. This leads them to experiencing out of control cravings for those junk foods. So they’ll start eating a junk food but feel like they can’t stop eating it. For example they’ll plan on having one cookie, yet wont be able to stop at one, and will eat 10 cookies. Visit http to learn how to stop eating too much. If you cant stop eating junk foods it’s often because you have kept them out of your diet in the first place. Of if you eat too much junk foods it’s because at some point you didn’t allow yourself to have any. Another form of binge eating is emotional eating. Emotional eating is when you eat comfort foods to soothe tough or negative emotions. Notice how you eat too much on days you are stressed out? To stop binge eating sometimes you need to first stop emotional eating. Binge eating is a form of compulsive overeating. To overcome overeating one needs to first become aware of why they are eating in the first place. Do you eat because you are physically hungry or are you engaging in emotional eating


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yes, really important. some people eat huge quantities of food in a short period of time and feel sick and guilty afterward. that's what binge eating was. wasn't in the diagnosis before. there was just anorexia or bulimia. however, many people just …


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