My Anorexic 9-Year-Old

My anorexic 9-year-old
The therapist reassured us it wasn't really our daughter. It was the “eating disorder,” which she said had a life of its own. Now, that's not something any parent wants to try to wrap their head around. But slowly our “dolphin” efforts began to have … Read more on Salon

Essential Tremor Stilled with Ultrasound Tx
Elias and colleagues noted that essential tremor is "the most common movement disorder, with a prevalence as high as 4%." Drug therapies are helpful in many patients, but up to half do not respond adequately or … Elias and colleagues noted that four … Read more on MedPage Today

Hungry? No, I already medit-ate
“Mindful or meditative eating simply means being aware of what you're putting into your mouth,” says psychologist and Food Addiction Therapy author Kellee Waters. “It's about pausing to really … Many doctors now recommend meditation for sleep disorders. Read more on Sydney Morning Herald

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