Musings of Recovery: Final Edit

Musings of Recovery: Final Edit
Eating disorders are serious psychiatric illnesses not to be trivialized. But recovery is possible. These are the faces of recovery. For more information con…



Pittsburgh artist's Barbie's just an average ideal
Still, in a culture where four out of five 10-year-old girls say they worry about being "fat," according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Barbie is still a big item on little girls' wish lists. On the Toys R Us … Read more on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

'Stand Your Ground': Self-Defense For Some, Just Another Threat For Black
The National Rifle Association took Holder to task on this point, stating that Holder fails to acknowledge and understand the right to self-defense. However, many feel that Holder simply pointed out the elephant in the room. According to a 2012 … Read more on Mintpress News