MUSC Children's Hospital to Open Outpatient Eating Disorders Program

MUSC Children's Hospital to open outpatient eating disorders program
Officials at MUSC Children's Hospital are working on a new eating disorders program to help kids who have been diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia. The new pediatric outpatient eating disorders program will compliment the hospital's inpatient treatment …
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A hidden epidemic: Eating disorders in the gay community
Roness called in to the program to ask how to “stop working out,” and the show's producers quickly called him back to book him on the show and start him on the road to recovery. Roness found inpatient eating disorder treatment with all-male units, and …
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Eating disorders: 'We compared wrist-sized thighs while waiting to be weighed'
When eating disorders get out of hand, a stay in hospital is often regarded as the best option. But as former anorexic Kelsey Osgood explains, the illness encourages a competitive streak that is made worse when sufferers are brought together for treatment.
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