Murray Speaks of Depression as He Returns to Airwaves

Murray speaks of depression as he returns to airwaves
Although Murray said he was a “little bit reluctant” to give advice to others suffering with depression or anxiety, he did offer the following counsel: “Don't be too hard on yourself. You haven't failed the life test. Share your thoughts and feeling … Read more on Irish Times

20 essential tips for surviving the 2013 holiday season
Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are completely normal during the holiday season. Thinking that the Elf On The Shelf is moved every night by the NSA is not. Get some help. • It's OK for your 12-year-old daughter to still believe in … Read more on

Ditch the glitch – training your brain via neurofeedback
It's not exactly mainstream therapy but it has existed in various forms for decades and has been said to help a wide range of conditions including addiction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD and PTSD. "It makes the brain become effective. It's doing … Read more on ABC Local