Mum Tricked Authorities Over Daniel's Weight Loss

Mum tricked authorities over Daniel's weight loss
By Matthew Bates Wednesday 31 July 2013 Updated: 02/08 10:01. Latest News. Magadelena Luczak and her son Daniel. MAGDALENA Luczak was a confrontational and dishonest mother who tricked authorities into believing her son had an eating disorder. Read more on Coventry Observer

IRS Proposes To Permanently Ease Restrictions For Innocent Spouse Relief
She feared for her children – her daughter was exhibiting signs of mental stress and had developed an eating disorder – but Mary had no real income of her own to support them. She had no … He was a hulk of a man, looming far over my own 5'2? frame. Read more on Forbes

Positive coping skills equal resilience
Negative coping skills includes things like avoidance of feelings or situations, withdraw, denying there is a problem, eating disorders, substance abuse, overspending and having a negative or critical attitude. Negative coping skills are often used to … Read more on Clarkston News

Calories in and calories out may not be related to obesity
I had to eat more calories than I expended to get fat, but once I've plateaued…there are people like this all over the world, he or she is matching intake to expenditure, so the question is why can she only match intake to expenditure at 50 pounds … Read more on ABC Online