Motivation for Exercising With Depression/ Anxiety


Motivation For Exercising With Depression/ Anxiety – Hey everyone, i’m overweight and trying to workout despite having depression and anxiety! This is hopefully some inspiration to you people out there who are …


Could “Magic” Mushrooms Be Used to Treat Anxiety and Depression?
Those who'd been dosed with psilocybin had lower anxiety levels at one and three months, and reduced levels of depression starting two weeks after treatment and continuing for a full six months, the entire period covered by the study. Additionally … Read more on Smithsonian (blog)

With sleep apnea, those snores can mean serious health trouble
The Sleep Medicine Center at SVMH received accreditation earlier this year from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Sleep disorders ranging from snoring to sleep apnea can contribute to serious medical conditions such as depression, obesity, heart … Read more on The Salinas Californian

Having kidney disease didn't stop me dancing
David Goldsmith, professor of cardio-renal medicine at King's College London, says: “IgA nephropathy causes the kidneys to leak blood and protein, which can raise your blood pressure. It is only life threatening in a small number of cases when it … Read more on