“Modern Medicine” Solutions to Bipolar and Depression: More Harm Than Good?

Question by Yeshua Quest: “Modern Medicine” solutions to Bipolar and depression: More harm than good?
I have been diagnosed with severe major depression and bipolar disorder. When diagnosed, I believed what they told me and I swallowed everything they gave me. I became hooked on prescrip meds and stayed that way for years. During that time I tried suicide and suffered terribly. Every day was torture. I tried a million meds, everything they threw at me.

After years of this, I kicked the meds and I’m back to where I was initially. A few problems, but overall life is good. I’ve been off meds for about three years now.

I’ve known many people who have these problems and it seems to me that the diagnosis and meds destroy all the natural coping and leveling mechanisms you’ve built up until that point to deal with what you have naturally. Everyone Ive known that is heavily drugged on modern medicine’s solutions becomes a zombie. Some make their way out and some resign to failure and defeat, lost in the servility of modern medicine’s “treatments.” Any input?

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Answer by nowhere man
I’m with Tom Cruise on this one, a lot of these conditions are over-diagnosed and over-treated and sometimes the cure IS worse than the disease.

There are people that should be on atypical antipsychotics, but a lot of people perscribed it don’t really need it.

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