Middleboro Divided Over Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Middleboro divided over drug rehabilitation facility
A town board has kept alive, at least from the present, the bid of High Point Treatment Center to open a a 72-bed mental health and drug rehabilitation facility in the downtown. The Zoning Board of Appeals had heard two hours of testimony at a meeting … Read more on Taunton Daily Gazette

The Lion Chases Away the Dragon
The INCAS center is still a world leader in addiction treatment research. In 2007, 221 drug rehabilitation facilities were built in West Azerbaijan Province alone, and a 2011 UNAIDS report said that Iran had 600 dedicated drug rehabilitation centers as … Read more on The Majalla Magazine

The Holistic Sanctuary Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day by
The Holistic Sanctuary reminds the public, in the commemorations following the 13th Annual International Overdose Awareness Day, that we must continue to educate citizens about the possible dangers of conventional drug rehab centers and the alleged … Read more on Watch List News (press release)